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Winter Wardrobe Essentials Ft. Numero Uno

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When people ask me which is your favorite season of the year? I always tell them it’s Winter” as it brings the cool breeze, cozy fires, winter brews, warm socks etc. out of all the good things that winter has for us, one of them is Winter Fashion, as it’s the only time you can layer all your favorite pieces into one outfit! Here’s in this article i’ve broken down every essential layering piece you need to have at your disposal this season.


Sweatshirts for men are perfect for styling up on those casual days, when you want to look laid back yet put together. They’re not just designed for keeping us warm and toasty on cool wintry nights (best for bombay weather), they’re pretty practical too. Here I’ve styled my fav maroon jumper with a turtleneck underneath with grey jeans and some trainers for a casual day look.


To be honest, outerwear is one my favorite things about fall/winter. A quilted jacket colour adds texture and depth to your look and a healthy dose of warmth to your body. Pair it with a crew neck and chinos for a contemporary appearance. Buy yourself one in a neutral color to begin with.


A gilet is very similar to a puffy waistcoat and therefore, should fit like one. It can used be as a top layer for winter months. Try styling it with a jumper and pair of fitted jeans/chinos. Just make sure you choose a colour that compliments your existing wardrobe. Doesn’t necessarily mean neutral or boring though; an orange or green gilet (just like mine) can be a great way to add colour to your look.

You can shop all the looks at www.numerounojeanswear.com Hope you like this blogpost, if you did..don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.




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