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HOW I STARTED MY BLOG : The February Boy

A lot of you guys always ask me questions like How to Become a fashion blogger, How to become an influencer. I want to become a Fashion blogger but i don’t know how to start etc etc. So today i wanted to pop in with some of my main tips (which i learnt over the years) on how to start a fashion blog. A lot of these tips throughout this post are based on my personal experience and things i followed to become who i am today.

First things first, Find your Niche –

Before you can start a blog, you need to decide what makes you different from everyone else and focus on that. Set yourself apart by coming up with creative ways to stand out. The mistake we often make is try to be like everybody else and this happened with me as well, i tried my hands on  a lot of different things and as the year progressed. I started to find my own niche and started adding content that expressed my own individuality. I think that people relate more to somebody who is authentic and unique. What i would suggest is taking some time to think about yourself and your interests, once you figure that, try and incorporate facts of your real life into your blog.

The Basics

The basic things to start a blog are essentially the photos and the content. When I first started, I opted for quantity over quality, assuming that if i post more then I will attract more people but this was a wrong approach which i soon realised, now i’m all about quality over quantity, i only post things that i’m 100% satisfied with. The tip here is to do what you like & stick to your originality rather than worrying about how people are going to take it, so try and create your own space with your creativity, interest and vision. You don’t need a  DSLR to start, you could start with your Phone camera as nowadays even smartphones come with great picture quality.

Select your channels

The two main blogging platforms that you will see these days are blogger and wordpress.. If you are beginner and wanting to start up a blog, I would suggest using  ( is the free version offered by WordPress). I have a self hosted wordpress site in which I pay yearly to host in order to maintain full control. This may sound a bit confusing at first but once you choose a platform, you are set and ready to find a template and add a logo. Also, it’s important to trademark your logo and Blog name. Plus, avoid being one of those who claim to be bloggers/Influencers  and just post photos on social media portals.

Be Consistent

I think consistency is a key to success. When it comes to blogging, you need to be active and consistent with your content, you might as well have to schedule into account and think about how often you can post whether that be 1 time a week or 3 times a week. Plus, take this as a fun activity and do it like a hobby, otherwise you can get overwhelmed with the process and it’s not going to work out for you.

Don’t Overthink, just do

Don’t wait for the right moment, rather than create that moment and go for it.  I’m sure you will figure everything eventually, that’s what i did, honestly i had no clue what i was doing at first and even i tried connecting with a lot of established bloggers/influencers and out of them Allen Claudius From BowtiesandBonesBlog responded to my email and i’m still so thankful to him. So now is it the time to start. Don’t forget you can use your smartphone, internet and a true vision to get started.

I hope i have cleared all your doubts, Feel free to connect at for any further queries.

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