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Shirts that matter Ft. Indian Threads

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

When a lot of guys start making an effort to look better, they immediately run out and buy really cool and unique pieces that don’t work with anything but specialized outfits. Honestly, that’s a big mistake because it’s a waste of money, time and you probably won’t wear it as often as you think. In this article, I give you my tried and true men’s wardrobe essentials//must haves that every guy should own in order to be a classic, stylish, well dressed gentleman for every season and occasion. To me essential is an article of clothing that will act as the foundation for any outfit or style you’ll wear, it should always have your back irrespective of the trend, season etc. Here are a few pieces you can never go wrong with.

Plaid shirt

When on the lookout for the right plaid shirt, always focus on fit, colour and certain level of authenticity. Also, the fabric that suits. Team them with straight-leg jeans or chinos, a crew neck t-shirt underneath and a pair of classic chuck taylor shoes to achieve the full laid back yet put together effect.

Printed shirt

Easy to wear and anchor and simple to incorporate into almost any existing outfit. Pairing a printed shirt with trousers will update a classic smart casual look. Teamed up with a pair of mules.

Pink Oxford shirt

Given its ability to pair expertly with darkle tones like blue. A casual oxford shirt is an extremely smart buy. Use the button-down to lighten up an otherwise sober look. Also, adding a blazer for business smart look is a great idea.

Which one’s your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below.

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