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Rock-A-Blue Ft. Andamen

Hey guys!! How are you doing? I feel this week is going to be crazy one with all the tasks lined up, but whatever bring it on.

In this post I’m going to be talking about the shirt ‘The Nehru Bindu ‘ I recently received by the lovely people of Andamen from their latest collection ‘Tribhuj’ which is inspired by the Indian heritage and geometric shapes. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the color of this shirt, I mean it’s a perfect shade of blue which makes it so versatile and easily pairable. What makes this shirt unique is the subtle details on the placket & cuffs. The print adds an interesting and sharp look to the shirt. It would make a perfect pair for relaxed bar night as well as, a formal evening party. It actually depends on how you style it, so here I have created 3 looks to give you ideas about how to wear this shirt in 3 different ways:

Look 1

I have tried to achieve a semi-formal look by pairing the shirt with grey trouser and white sneakers by tucking the shirt in, for a clean and sophisticated look. You can wear this look to a party, relaxed bar night with friends etc.

Look 2

In the second look i’m layering it up with my casual blazer, as the weather gets cold it will keep you warm, also it adds an edge to your look. This look would be perfect for the upcoming party season.

Look 3

I’m pairing this shirt with dark chinos in the third look with grey casual blazer, the great thing about the grey blazer, whether it’s light grey or dark, it is just so versatile. It’s actually hard to go wrong when pairing black & grey and pretty much any shirt will work with grey jacket and black trousers.











IMG_2895edited_215 IMG_2890edited_22 IMG_2898edited_249


Final word

There is always one thing that looks great on you at all times, and that is confidence, so wear it well.

P.S- Go check out more shirts from the latest collection by ANDAMEN




BLAZER : Jack & Jones

SHOES : Zara

PHOTOGRAPHY : Bharat Baswani

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