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Levis 512 taper fit “The Rocker”

It doesn’t get much more iconic than a great pair of jeans. Which makes sense, they’ve been a staple of  pretty much every guy’s wardrobe for more than a century. Whether rocked to the office or uni each day, or saved for downtime on the weekend, jeans go through their fair share of wear and tear, so finding a pair that fits well, looks good and will last is essential. With so many different types of jeans to consider these days, things can get little overwhelming. To ease your future shopping experience, I introduce you to the always-look-good-jean for men ‘512 taper’ by Levi’s. You want your denim jeans to glide onto your body, to let you move around with ease and feel as though they were made for you? The taper fit is increasingly popular as it offers a clean cut without the restriction some can find with skinny and slim fits. Finding the style that feels the most comfortable trumps all. The classic design gradually tapers at the ankle while still retaining a generous fit through the thigh and into the calf. It is great fit for the warmer weather. Taper fit jeans go with such a huge variety of outfits that it’s hard to nail down just one look. However, because of its unique look you can either dress it up or dress it down, you will achieve a clean, stylish outfit in both the cases. With countless shades/washes to choose from, taper fit jeans can be styled in multiple ways. Try pairing a raw denim jeans with a crisp denim shirt and a classic suede shoes for double denim look. A crew neck t-shirt with a pair of taper fit jeans and jacket for super rad look. A sweatshirt, rugged taper fit jeans and converse trainers for a casual and laid back look. You basically need to choose the right style for yourself and your denim jeans will look their best. Just remember- Denim jeans are here to stay.

A few looks i created to inspire you visually. You have to try for yourself to experience it.

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Check it out in Levis Stores now the Levi’s 512 Slim Taper Jeans.

SHOT BY : Aa Photographs & Rahool Singh


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