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Jaguar – The Art Of Performance Tour

One morning I woke up to a mail from Jaguar India inviting me to the launch of The Art of Performance Tour 2017-18 at the lovely Aamby Valley city. Yes, you read it right, I was one of the lucky ones who got a chance to be a part of this captivating event organised by the legend of the Automobile world.  Saturday the 8th of April was the day the journey began from Mumbai to Aamby valley via Lonavala. It was an amazing drive and the perfect time to think how breathtaking this experience was going to be. I was sure it was not just a regular ‘test drive’ that Jaguar had organised but an experience on its own.

As, we reached there was a range of about 5-6 different Jaguar cars lined up. Jaguar India organised it’s one of a kind experiential drive with all its cars on showcase and I was ready to embark on a lavish experience & navigate the many exciting challenges in the luxury car.

It started with the experts giving us a presentation about each Jaguar car, and the necessary safety measures which were supposed to be taken care of. It involved 3 different activities for us to test drive their wheels. The first was the Slalom test, which had us leaping the cones from left to right. Second was about sudden lane shifting. These two were performed on Jaguar’s premium car segments i.e. XE, XF, XJ & F-PACE. The third activity was all about testing the racing capacity of the car, which was done on Jaguar’s sports car the F-TYPE & F-TYPE R. The Jaguar F-TYPE is powerful, impressive and agile sports car available in a choice of a Coupe or Convertible. I certainly tried to make the most of my luxury car driving experience with a trip to an enchanting locale, surrounded by mountains,forests & lake. The F- TYPE had my attention most of time which you can obviously tell by the pictures.

Whosoever says performance and efficiency can’t go hand in hand certainly not experienced jaguar, with The Art of Performance Tour, it stood poised on the very edge of automotive technology.

Ending the post by thanking the team for this once in a time experience! Also, for making me a part of this fantastic initiative by a luxury brand to engage with its customers.  “Wow! What a great fun!” Until next time!


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Location : The Aamby Valley City

Photography : Rahool Singh 

The Jaguar India 


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