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Last week we tried creating something different, and came up with an idea of showcasing my emotions through mood shots, cause I feel moods are complicated and very much a part of who we are and people would be very boring without them, so here we are with the series of mood shots captured by the very talented Ridge Fernandes

When it comes to my outfit, Rashi, Ridge Fernandes and I planned to keep it all monochrome ( black and white ) tucked in white crew neck tee into a pair of smart, relaxed-leg trouser as it looks effortless and that is not only the benefit but also “ staples such as a white tee and black trouser are timeless classics and never go out of style.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this because I also realised its important to step out of our comfort zone and try new things though it’s going to be hard but you have to. As lot of people say that too much routine and/ or the fear of novelty may actually shorten one’s life. If that’s the reason enough to consider trying new things each day, consider embracing new experiences for the thrill of it. For the skill building, and the extra knowledge you’ll obtain.

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