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Hello Beautiful People!

If you happen to be a stylish man who keeps up with the latest trends, then you already own a bag. In fact, you’ve known that a bag should be a part of your wardrobe for quite sometime. Every man can, and should, own a bag. Bags are an important everyday accessory. How else do you think that you’re going to transport all that important things to and from work. You could just carry everything. Whether it’s for a laptop or paperwork, you definitely need to own a bag for work. And, you could also one for the gym or when skipping town for the weekend. Since there’s a lot of bags out there, I break them down to 3 different bag styles for your consideration.



The first purchase for any laptop owner should be a case to carry it in. Whether it’s a chic messenger bag for around town or rough and tumble backpack that goes well beyond general commuting purposes. This laptop bag from https://www.2amstore.com/ is modern, relevant and designed to meet the needs of the nine to five to relaxing dress codes. It’s a versatile bag that allows easy transition from the work day into the evening. It is constructed from faux leather, it comes with main zip and a cushioned compartment for your laptop. It has a front compartment to store your accessories and a detachable sling strap. This bag is a perfect combination of class and elegance, serves your purpose perfectly.



No other bag suits modern living quite as perfectly as the messenger, It’s classic, practical and masculine. It takes you back to a time when life was a lot simpler. This satchel https://www.2amstore.com/mens-range/satchel-bags/the-dapper-satchel-brown comes with one compartment that closes with a main zip. It has a pocket in the front that secures everything and a zip at the back. When it comes to selecting an accessory that’s both functional and cool. They come in various sizes, but are typically large enough to accommodate a guy’s most frequently used possessions. With that, it’s also important to wear the right attire. Keep it casual and you’re all set.



This over stuffed zip lock bag to hold your travel/grooming essentials will be able to serve you for your weekend trip or longer. The inside is made of water repellent fabrics to make your grooming essentials stay safe. You take your toiletries and you throw them in there. Everything goes in there and stays in there until you need it. No further organisation required.

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There is a bag for every occasion. And we might as well use them to our advantage. Because looking great (not just good) has its perks.

Signing off! Until next time.

BAG : 2AM by Anjali 

PHOTOGRAPHY : Aa Photography 

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