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Hello lovely people!


The pinstripe Blazer is a timeless classic and undeniably dapper. Bringing it bang up to date is simply a matter of cut and details. Going for a Slim-fitting design from http://www.jackjones.in/

Teaming it with a crisp light pink shirt and a pair of casual suede oxfords. This classic motif has never looked more relaxed, contemporary or, frankly cooler.

For an easy on-duty look, try pairing the Blazer with a patterned shirt, a patterned tie, or a bold pocket square. If you’re looking for a more classic and sophisticated riff on the look, try pairing the with a tie that matches the color of the stripes. This will give your outfit a clean, put-together look that still has personality. Forget the idea that the pinstripe is only for the office. With arrival of 2017, traditional style rules are down the drain. With the right pairings, the pinstripe is just as at home on the weekend as it is in the office.


Another look for those who like to appear smart and understated, black and grey- when combined with a print shirt and shoes- is the ideal combination for life’s more formal occasions. Yet while monochrome separates may instantly conjure images of the boardroom, by making a few alterations, you can also wear them off-duty.

Perfect for nights out, when you want to dress practically but look sharp, try switching your shirt for a simple tee or polo, and your dress shoes for a more relaxed silhouette, such as leather loafers, trainers.

Just remember there are so many ways in which you can appropriate the look and make it your own. Showing one of the ways how I made it mine.

Take a closer look to the pictures and let me know which one’s your favorite? Until Next time!


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